Struggling with Pandemic Burn-out?

Is this the end yet?

Remember when the pandemic was new and scary, but you had the energy to face it and you were so brave! I don’t think many of us feel brave and strong now. The pandemic itself is something people may feel caused fear for them or not. But unfortunately, I don’t think people understand the full extent of how this experience has affected us all.

A few times lately I have found myself entertaining thoughts like “do people like me?” and “am I going to be ok?”. Forgetting of course the reality that we have been limited from each other, from freedom and from the very connection we need to thrive. Just pick up the phone and call a friend or family member and you will hear doubt, exhaustion and in some ways reassurance that you aren’t alone in feeling on the edge. I believe that we are close to celebrating the end of this road. But at the end of any long journey, we must remember that people are tired, lacking confidence and strength. Compassion is the recovery we need. For ourselves and for each other.


Submitted by Katie


Posted on January 19, 2022

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