North Shore Family Health Team

Schreiber, Terrace Bay, Rossport, Jack Fish and Pays Plat

About Us

Our Goals

The North Shore Family Health Team has been operational since 2006 with a full complement of Family Health members since January 2007.  One of our goals is to approach healthcare in a fundamentally different way.  Traditionally health care was delivered in an as needed fashion.  A person would be ill and seek medical attention with their healthcare provider.  Much of what we see can be prevented, but to do so requires a paradigm shift on the part of the medical establishment and public.  Our goal is to see healthy patients on a regular basis in the hope that relatively simple preventative/health maintenance measures can be put into place that will ensure the long-term health of that individual.

As our population ages and burden of disease becomes ever so greater, our healthcare system will face incredible expenses going forward.  The sustainability of the healthcare we cherish is at risk.  Family Health Teams have the ability to prevent up to 75-80% of premature cardiovascular disease and cancer.  It will take a great deal of tenacity and commitment of implementing our health maintenance program.

Our Staff:  The key elements of our interdisciplinary team shows exemplary work as all providers work together as a cohesive team with shared responsibility for patient/client outcomes and practice to the full extent of their skills and competencies.  The North Shore Family Health Team is responsible to the Ministry of Health under the directives of the North Shore Family Health Team Board.


The NSFHT is committed to provide primary health care with a strong focus on illness prevention and chronic disease management

Mission Statement

To optimize the physical well being of North Shore residents by providing seamless integration through all levels of health care delivery in a timely manner.

Your North Shore Family Health Team is a member of

The Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario AFHTO
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Ontario Hospital Association (OHA)
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The North Shore Family Health Team Staff

Allied Health Professionals

Nurse Practitioner: Susan Fairservice
Registered Social Worker: Michele Gilbert
Registered Practical Nurse: Lindy Coughlin

Registered Dietitian: Andrea Kennedy

Administrative Staff

Administrator: Mary Lynn Dingwell
Administrative Assistant: Cathy Cook

The North Shore Family Health Team works in collaboration with  J.E. Stokes Medical Centre located in Schreiber and the Aguasabon Medical Clinic located in Terrace Bay.

Medical Clinics Reception/Office Staff

Schreiber Site
Debbie Roen (Office Manager)
Alison Mclaughlin
Terrace Bay Site
Janis Prager
Chantel Ryan (Office Manager)
Lisa Tymko

The North Shore Family Health Team Board of Directors

Dr. McLeod -President
Dr. Hurst – Financial Lead
Dr. Shaheen – General Manager

Privacy Policy
Your Health information and Your Privacy in our office pamphlets are available in the waiting area of the clinics or contact: Information & Privacy commissioner/Ontario
2 bloor Street East, Suite 1400
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8
(416) 326-3333 or 1-800-387-0073